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Saturday, 15 June 2019

Sprinks' Oldhammer Challenge - Progress Report

The Challenge

Build a new Oldhammer Army for no more than £30 (Sterling) or the local equivalent by August, was the challenge.

Progress (sort of)

So I ordered an "Army" of 10mm Medieval figures from Irregular miniatures (cost approx. £21 (Sterling) including shipping, in order to build a force from Bretonnia. Now I haven't actually played any Warhammer games but I have read some of the articles and looked at the figures in Games Workshop shops, so I've got an idea. Bretonnia is a sort of High Middle Ages France on amphetamines (there probably should be some Prog Rock playing now).
There's no hope of me painting all that heraldry but I'm going for a colourful Impressionist version (the impression of well painted figures without the reality).
I haven't got much to report so far but there's still a few weeks until August...

Two units of Knights and a General on Old School bases

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Simplicity in Hexes - the rest of the Mini Campaign


In the last blog entry I mentioned the start of a mini-campaign I was playing using the game created by Old Trousers (not his real name) at Numbers, Wargames and Arsing About.
The rest of the Campaign was fought shortly after but not reported; so here it is.

Game 2

Bad Schmaltzberg has invaded Aix-En-Pains and won a resounding victory at the battle of Apostrophe Hill. The Duke's Army, suitably reinforced, moves on to cross the River Muse but arrives piece-meal. The Marquis's forces also arrive form various points; their objective simply to stop any of the Duke's Army gaining ground North of the River Muse where a bridgehead could be established.

Units from both sides start to appear and fighting quickly begins
The Duke's Army begin to get the upperhand

More troops from both sides enter the battle amid fierce fighting

As the day wears on the Duke's Army is pushed back to the River crossing..

and finally admits defeat.

Game 3

The Duke's Army is now in a fighting retreat and must defend two river crossings from what is believed to be a weak force that is pursuing them. The Marquis, however, has made a surprise manoeuvre which he believes will win him the day.

The Duke's initial position
The Marquis's force moves onto the field

Surprise! Aix-En-Pain's forces are behind their enemy's lines

The Duke's artillery is quickly dealt with by the Marquis's Dragoons

The Marquis may have over stretched his forces....

but by the end of the day, the Duke was forced to concede defeat.

The Duke had lost the Campaign but may have won a little respect from his neighbour. As for the several thousand soldiers who had lost their lives, well there are always more peasants willing to listen to lies and do what they're told...

Portraits stolen from Numbers, Wargames and Arsing about

Monday, 6 May 2019

Looks ok on paper - Update 2: Bank Holiday Special

Bank Holiday Weekend Objectives

1. Get some painting done (that's partly happened)
2. Cut the grass (pending)
3. Play a game or two...

Paper Games

Looking for a quick gaming fix for this afternoon, it's going to be either an old favourite from the vaults
or a new game downloaded this morning from Numbers, Wargames and Arsing about produced extremely artistically by Old Trousers
which is in fact more than just a game, it's a whole Campaign with rules, maps and figures included.
Map and figures printed and stuck on card for robustness (not real game play)
Happy May Bank Holiday reader.

Update to the update

Disaster at Apostrophe Hill!

Bad Schmaltzberg's dastardly invasion of Aix-En-Pains began today when they captured the strategic position of Apostrophe Hill over-looking the main Westward road.
Start of the game: Aix-En-Pains hold the hill with reinforcements on the way
All is lost! Bad Schmaltzberg troops completely over-run their enemy
Short and sharp, this was a fun game. On to the next battle which will be played using the card driven system.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

Introducing... the Sons of the Desert

No! Not them

That's more like it

A brief flurry of activity

A bit like buses everywhere, nothing happens for ages then two of them come along at once. Well I had a little time to spare; this afternoon I intend to view (read fall asleep in front of) some of the famous Liege-Bastogne-Liege cycle race so a game had to be squeezed in this morning as I had some table space to myself for a change.

Another Action in Albionian Uqbal (Portable Wargame)

The continent of Uqbal is the setting for another Imagi-Colonial game...

The tired column approach a watering hole
What's this coming over the dunes? The Sons of the Desert..
AND hill-tribesmen! Infamy - they've joined forces!!
Camelry in action - infantry get the hump (apologies)
Screaming hordes outflank the Colonial forces
Carnage ensues 
Exhaustion Point for the Imperial troops
A captured gun as prize for the Desert Tribe
The Cavalry are finally defeated on the Right flank
Both sides reach Exhaustion Point - the battle is over

A Sinister Development

An officer from the Independent Kingdom of Uqbalistan, still considered a puppet state, has been spotted by Albionian spies in talks with chiefs of the Hill and Desert tribes. There may be more trouble ahead..?

Saturday, 27 April 2019

The Quests of Brin the Barbarian - test games


Much like the current UK Government, I seem to have squandered an awful lot of time recently with very little to show for it (oh, bit of politics, bit of politics). Unlike them, however, I have at least achieved one of my objectives and messed about with the Quest of Thane Tostig rules (see side column for link to my simple version for a grid based game).

Brin the Barbarian

(A note on pronunciation; Brin should rhyme with teen rather than tin)

Brin is travelling from his home in the cold wastelands of the North to the "Civilised" South, looking for Adventure, Treasure and some warm weather. On the way he has various encounters which will, hopefully, form the basis for some skirmish games. The following are some of the test games I played.

Quest the First

During his journey South, Brin (here played by Anvar from Minifigs Valley of the Four Winds range) is attacked by wolves

Why do barbarians from cold lands wear so little?
Brin has no trouble with a couple of wolves

Quest the Second

In order to earn a few coins Brin agrees to kill a monster that has been harassing villagers. The creature dwells in a swamp (cannot be entered by Brin). Brin approaches the swamp and the creature attacks.

Minifigs Slimeman from the Sword and Sorcery range
Fighting Old Boggy, the swamp monster
Old Boggy retreats into the swamp to tend his wounds - failed quest

Quest the Third

Further South Brin comes upon a village that is being terrorised by some bandits (sound familiar..). Teaching a couple of the men to fight, Brin leads them into the forest to find the outlaw leader, know as Red Hood, a shadowy figure of indeterminate gender..
Red Hood, Will Johansson and some Merciless Bowmen
Brin (who has acquired clothes and a beard) with Sly and Rabbie, the villagers

Rabbie is shot in the head before combat is joined
Brin chops his way through the Bowmen; Sly is under pressure
Sly runs for home chased by a Bowman. Brin fights on
With both leaders injured the fight ends without resolution

Saturday, 2 March 2019


Due to domestic and work pressures I haven't managed to post much recently. There has however been a little hobby activity which I thought I'd share with anyone who was passing.

1. Skirmish Games

I have written, though not yet posted, an update to Heroic Encounters. This has benefitted greatly by some ideas sent to me by Arthur Harman (thanks Arthur). Hope to get this posted soon(ish). The play test games were influenced by the many posts I've seen on other peoples' blogs that feature "Hunting" games using the Paleo Diet game. I do have a few cavemen and dinosaurs somewhere, however I tried a game with some Minifigs Gnomes hunting old Britains' animals.

Chief Thistledown and members of Gnomeland Security 

Staring down a Boar
Exit pursued by a Bear
Having a butterfly mind I have also been working on another set of skirmish rules, a gridded version of Eric Knowles' "Quest of Thane Tostig". This venerable ruleset from the mid-1970s was accompanied by figures sculpted by Barry Minot ; though I remember seeing them at the time I never bought any, though I did have some of Minot's Olympians range. 

2. Reading material

With regard to Eric Knowles, I have just (today) received a copy of The Madashatta Campaign (compiled and edited by Bob Cordery) which looks like a great read, and have been reading Charge! by Brig. P. Young and Lt. Col. J.P. Lawford, which has been reprinted by The History of Wargaming Project.

3. RPGs

Being short of time for tabletop gaming I'm probably going to be doing some more solo RPGing using the Four Against Darkness (4AD) rules by Ganesha Games. To that end I have invested a whole $3.00 (US) and purchased The Crucible of Classic Critters, the 4AD expansion that features woodland encounters.

4. One Hour Wargames Mini Campaign

Last weekend I managed to squeeze in a few OHW scenarios (using a gridded version of Neil Thomas's rules), featuring Horse & Musket 2mm units; these were put together to form a mini campaign. I may post these later though I wasn't too enthused by the action so may consign them to the archives instead. Here's a couple of pics from three of the games that give an idea of play:

  Happy gaming everyone.