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Friday, 20 March 2020

Nothing to report

1st & 2nd battalions The Guards - more figures kindly donated by Ross Mac

The 12 parade in honour of the late Donald Featherstone (thanks for the heads up Mark) 

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Lack of Productivity Update

Even though February was longer (and stormier) than usual, here at Maudlin Towers there has been a definite dearth in the hobby department. I have half-written (and ditched) a set of Campaign Rules - far too complicated and bogged down by Lines of Communication and Attrition Calculations - and done precious little else, after what was, for me, quite a productive Christmas/New Year period. A far simpler rule set will follow.

The one bright note - I have sorted and started tentatively basing some of the figures kindly donated by Ross Mac (see here). The following I have named the Brigadier General; he's a delightful conversion and will lead the Guards (who are currently being based in the house style and given a coat of varnish). Note, his horse has lost it's tail. I was going to replace it but decided against as there could be a story behind this caudal calamity - perhaps an enemy cannon ball removed the appendage; there by hangs a tale (or rather, it doesn't).

Hopefully March will bring some table top action. Until next time, happy gaming.

A trick of the tail...