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Saturday, 19 September 2020

Ghosts of Projects Past #1

Whilst searching through folders of old digital photos, I came across a stash of wargaming images that reminded me of some past projects that never really got off the ground. As I'm not getting any gaming done at the moment, I thought I might share these instead! (Sounds a bit lazy, I know!)
I've Labelled these ImagiNotions as they never really got to be formal Imagi-Nations as such.  
The folder that held the following images was labelled Mediochia, which kind of summed up some things.

This project featured a mix of 18th and 19th Century soldiers, and some of these figures were brought out of retirement for the recent Red/Blue Campaign.

Defending a village

View across a ploughed field


Army Blue Line Infantry

Triumphal parade of Blue's Guards

The (very) Old Guard