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Sunday, 28 April 2019

Introducing... the Sons of the Desert

No! Not them

That's more like it

A brief flurry of activity

A bit like buses everywhere, nothing happens for ages then two of them come along at once. Well I had a little time to spare; this afternoon I intend to view (read fall asleep in front of) some of the famous Liege-Bastogne-Liege cycle race so a game had to be squeezed in this morning as I had some table space to myself for a change.

Another Action in Albionian Uqbal (Portable Wargame)

The continent of Uqbal is the setting for another Imagi-Colonial game...

The tired column approach a watering hole
What's this coming over the dunes? The Sons of the Desert..
AND hill-tribesmen! Infamy - they've joined forces!!
Camelry in action - infantry get the hump (apologies)
Screaming hordes outflank the Colonial forces
Carnage ensues 
Exhaustion Point for the Imperial troops
A captured gun as prize for the Desert Tribe
The Cavalry are finally defeated on the Right flank
Both sides reach Exhaustion Point - the battle is over

A Sinister Development

An officer from the Independent Kingdom of Uqbalistan, still considered a puppet state, has been spotted by Albionian spies in talks with chiefs of the Hill and Desert tribes. There may be more trouble ahead..?

Saturday, 27 April 2019

The Quests of Brin the Barbarian - test games


Much like the current UK Government, I seem to have squandered an awful lot of time recently with very little to show for it (oh, bit of politics, bit of politics). Unlike them, however, I have at least achieved one of my objectives and messed about with the Quest of Thane Tostig rules (see side column for link to my simple version for a grid based game).

Brin the Barbarian

(A note on pronunciation; Brin should rhyme with teen rather than tin)

Brin is travelling from his home in the cold wastelands of the North to the "Civilised" South, looking for Adventure, Treasure and some warm weather. On the way he has various encounters which will, hopefully, form the basis for some skirmish games. The following are some of the test games I played.

Quest the First

During his journey South, Brin (here played by Anvar from Minifigs Valley of the Four Winds range) is attacked by wolves

Why do barbarians from cold lands wear so little?
Brin has no trouble with a couple of wolves

Quest the Second

In order to earn a few coins Brin agrees to kill a monster that has been harassing villagers. The creature dwells in a swamp (cannot be entered by Brin). Brin approaches the swamp and the creature attacks.

Minifigs Slimeman from the Sword and Sorcery range
Fighting Old Boggy, the swamp monster
Old Boggy retreats into the swamp to tend his wounds - failed quest

Quest the Third

Further South Brin comes upon a village that is being terrorised by some bandits (sound familiar..). Teaching a couple of the men to fight, Brin leads them into the forest to find the outlaw leader, know as Red Hood, a shadowy figure of indeterminate gender..
Red Hood, Will Johansson and some Merciless Bowmen
Brin (who has acquired clothes and a beard) with Sly and Rabbie, the villagers

Rabbie is shot in the head before combat is joined
Brin chops his way through the Bowmen; Sly is under pressure
Sly runs for home chased by a Bowman. Brin fights on
With both leaders injured the fight ends without resolution