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Saturday, 14 November 2020

General Chatter


General Chatter's "Despatches from the Rear"

(General Chatter is residing in a comfy, requisitioned Mansion, half a day's ride from the action.)

There is very little to report on the Hobby Front. Since the end of the last Campaign there has been a severe lack of gaming, due mainly to tedious work related matters, and the continuing over-crowding here at Chez Maudlin (caused by the return of my son due to all things Covid).

I attach a couple of items that may be of interest:

A 50+ Year Old Misconception

It was quite rightly pointed out to me some months ago that I have been using the Airfix ACW running figure incorrectly. For the last  fifty something years, I have assumed that the running figure in both the Union and Confederate sets was an ordinary soldier who, due to a whim of the sculptor, was waving his hand in the air. The misconception was made clear when I was advised that this figure represented a Sergeant as he had a sword.

Looking more closely at the figures it's true that, what I took to be an over long bayonet is a sword! Suddenly the arm waving makes sense; "Follow me men!" Once this had been made apparent, my units of running men seemed to lack something. Fortunately, Jacklex figures come to the rescue with the running infantry men from Jack Alexander's wonderful 20mm ACW range. Please try to ignore the terrible painting / photography!

See the sword? I didn't try to paint stripes on his tunic for obvious reasons.

Some Adventurous Types

Elhiem Figures have started producing a range of Fantasy figures in 20mm. Yes! 20mm, my favourite figure size. I have started daubing paint on some of them as can be seen in the following picture which includes an old Revell 1/72nd figure and a Valdemar figure for size comparison. The idea is to possibly play some skirmish type games with these.

From Left to right we have, Colm the Conqueror (Barbarian Hero), Geoffrey the Green (Wizard), Nobby "Two Knives" Longleaf (Halfling Assassin) all from Elhiem, then Wayland the Wanderer (Ne'r-do-well and teller of tall tales) from Valdemar, and finally Vincent the Valiant (Pantomime Hero) Revell Normans set. Again, please excuse the painting. More to follow in this line, eventually!

End of Communication. Stay safe everyone!