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Sunday, 17 February 2019

Hertfordshire Jones and the Kidnapped Antiquarian


Count Sokolov, the White Russian Counter-Revolutionary Spy-Master and all-round cad, has kidnapped Professor Augustus Cartwright and his daughter Flora. The Count has been using threats of menaces against Miss Cartwright to cajole the Professor, an expert in Near Eastern and Central Asian Antiquaries, into helping him search for treasure. Meanwhile, The Royal Society for the Protection of Ancient Artefacts has asked Harry "Hertfordshire" Jones to rescue the Prof and his daughter post-haste, as Cartwright has some overdue post-excavation reports to write. Jones quickly assembles a team including Anthony "Boggles" Bogglesworth (ex Royal Flying Corps), Cyril "Mad" Carew (ex British Army in India) and Patrick "Left-Ear" O'Toole (almost deaf munitions expert).

Professor Augustus and Miss Flora Cartwright


The Captives are being held in a mud-brick building with two guards; the Count and the majority of his men are away doing something dastardly and will not appear until turn 4 of 12. Whichever side has control of the captives at turn 12 wins.

The building with guards (and goats)

Jones, Boggles, Mad Carew & Left-Ear, and 2 stout chaps disembark
3 more of Jones's men approach from the left

Boggles and Carew rush for the building whilst the rest distract the guards with gun fire

The Count and his men arrive back
The Cowboys take control of the left of the building and the vehicle is brought up

The Count's men rush forward

Boggles, Left-Ear and Jones cover the Captives as they flee the building

Boggles in hand-to-hand combat with the Count (Sword against Cigar)

One of the chaps is shot in the back whilst running for the vehicle

Jones leaps from the Model T and wings the Count with a lucky shot

Count Sokolov is once again left cursing on the last turn of the game