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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Have you Herd?

A few attempts at a little skirmish game were played out in rather poor light, hence it all looks a bit washed-out. The scenario is #41 in Scenarios For All Ages (Grant & Asquith), Herding Livestock. The book calls for cavalry but I stuck to all foot figures. The rules I used were Tidder's Saxon V Viking Rules (which can be found on one of his blogs by clicking HERE); I halved the distances and turned them into grid squares in case you're wondering. The Peasants are bringing a herd into the village for safety as there are some Raiders on the prowl. The Raiders are foraging for BBQ meat.
For turn Initiative (and number of individuals who could move) I used the card system in The Portable Wargame which randomizes things nicely.
Following are pics from the best of the attempts. 

The Herd

The village & Sentry who can raise the alarm if he spots Raiders 

Early casualties

A great (lucky?) shot from the Peasant archer

The initiative cards allow a peasant to get moving with the herd

The alarm is raised - the priest prepares to unleash a devastating Novena

Luck turns in favour of the last Raider who gains control of the herd

but is shot down whilst trying to escape

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Battling through One Hour Wargames

I have for a while had a notion to play all the Scenarios in Neil Thomas's One Hour Wargames book in order, 1 - 30. As this is going to take me some time, and will be punctuated by other games no doubt, I have established another blog on which to record the results of the endeavor.

To observe the report of the first game, please see here.

Saturday, 20 June 2020

Twin Duchies Campaign - Game 5

Game 5 - General Karloff attacks Cololes

This morning saw the attack on the Campaign objective. General Karloff needed to get an overwhelming force into the citadel (inside the old medieval walls of the town). Unfortunately for him, his division had become seriously depleted and so it was going to be a tough fight. The Governor of Cololes had taken personal command of the town's defense after the surrender of Brigadier Soubiso (see game 4). During the night the Governor moved his cavalry to the cover of a small wood and arranged the remains of the Fifth brigade and town garrison into defensive positions.

Initial Positions

By turn 3 Karloff's forces were nearing the town and an artillery duel was taking place.

Turn 4 saw the defending cavalry spring a surprise flank attack.

General Karloff rushed his own cavalry from right to left whilst his infantry began the assault on the town.

By Turn 10 the cavalry had been dealt with and there was hand to hand fighting in the lower town. The defenders had reached Exhaustion Point, but since their objective was to stay put and defend this was no great disadvantage. General Karloff moved his reserve up as his own force was not surprisingly becoming depleted.

By the end of Turn 13 the lower town was in Karloff's hands but the Governor stubbornly held onto the citadel.

Turn 14. The sun is going down and General Karloff's force has reached Exhaustion Point; if only he'd had a few more men and a bit more time...

Despite his failure to capture the town of Cololes, Duke Alfonso's aggressive action forced Duke Ludo to the conference table, and talks at least began regarding the taxation of goods passing through the mountains. Peace had once more come to the Twin Duchies.

Sunday, 7 June 2020

TD Campaign Game 4 (OHW #26)

Introduction & Objectives

Having secured his last objective (just), Brigadier Don Corndorg (Yellow) has been sent with an advance force to ensure the road to Cololes is clear for the remaining troops led by General Karloff. Brigadier Soubiso (Violet), after his failure to hold the bridge over the Rio Kia, has been left to slow down the advancing enemy to allow the Governor of Cololes time to prepare defences. 
Objective Yellow - clear the road and hold the village by Turn 15. Objective Violet - slow down the enemy advance and hold the village at Turn 15.


Brig. Soubiso's forlorn hope - the Brig. is with a cavalry squadron holding the village
Brig Don Corndorg's force arrives and is immediately fired on

4 turns were required to clear the bridge defenders
Amarela's column advances
The attack was initially held up
Soubiso led a charge from the village...
...left it undefended and then reached exhaustion point and could not move back!
Amarela's cavalry take the village at turn 15! Brig. Soubiso surrenders.
The road is now open to a poorly defended town and what should be the culmination of General Karloff's campaign; unless of course his hopes are dashed at the eleventh hour by a stalwart defence by Governor Carlos.