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Monday, 7 August 2017

Experimenting with 28mm

Preamble - in which the author squints into the distant past a bit and tries to explain what it is he is doing, in many more words than was probably necessary

As a child I was blessed with some Britain's plastic 54mm Guardsmen in red coats and bearskins; this fine body of men paraded and then went on to fight a protracted conflict with an unruly bunch of Timpo soldiers of the American Civil War. Having witnessed the glorious looking battles that are being fought with similar toys on blogs around the world (the reader is, no doubt needlessly, reminded of Battle Game of the Month, Battling with Britain's and many more) I naively thought I might go and purchase a boxful of said plastic chaps and refight the wars of my youth. I had of course failed to comprehend that pocket money toys were now antiques with the price tag that name implies. Looking around for an alternative, those nice people at Irregular Miniatures suggested their 28mm figures; and so, as we finally grind to the point, I have invested in a few. Here follows some pictures of a couple of skirmishes by way of a tester using the Portable Wargame by Bob Cordery.

Game #1

The forces of Swarzlandia (Army Black) have occupied a border town. Albionan soldiery (Army Red) seek to drive them out, and succeeds in doing so.

A Cavalry engagement
Albiona's General directs the Naval Gunners

Line Infantry and Naval forces approach the town


Game #2 (Operation Just Desserts)

In Albiona's colony of Uqbalistan some slavers are holding their captives at an oasis. A force is sent to rescue them.

Slavers and their prey

Albiona's Finest engage the enemy

Enemy reinforcements appear

The Uqbalis reach Exhaustion Point

The captives are liberated...

and recovered under fire.

 Post Script - always quote your sources

Most of the figures featured are by Irregular; there are also figures by Foundry and Empress Miniatures.


  1. That whole game has a very 'classic' feel to it, really nice stuff there Mr Tar.

  2. Cheers. Playing with Toy Soldiers "sigh", you just can't beat it really.

  3. I just found your blog, thanks to Battle Game of the Month. I love the looks of your game. I look forward to going through your history.

  4. Thanks. I very much admire your approach to wargames.