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Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Introduction, in which the scene is set

The little Kingdom of Nearsea (so named due to its proximity to a large body of saline water) is a "flickering light in a dark and chaotic world", according to the Church that is. Currently it is threatened by an invading force of "Wild men" from the East. This large group of wandering peoples is an amalgamation of tribes who have been forced to migrate by something clearly more aggressive and unpleasant than themselves. Led by their Paramount Chief, Ragnar Greybeard, they are now drawing nearer to the Kingdom looking for somewhere to settle. Hearing that the people of Nearsea are a tough breed, Ragnar has employed the services of a Giant from the Northern Isles, Angus the Terrible (who it is said was personally responsible for the Great Stool of Scooone).
Ragnar and a force of his men, accompanied by Angus, approach the town of Homlett from the hills to the North. The local Lord is Sir Edmund (Overprivileged) who's serfs saw off the Hungry Trolls (see below).
Ragnar Greybeard and bodyguard
Angus the Terrible


Peasants move their kine into the town
The two forces (note the half built wall on the right - an attempt to keep out the migrants)
The enemy approach
Ragnar holds back hoping the Giant will do the work
First blows - the peasants hold their ground - the townsmen tackle the giant
On the right peasants and woodsmen hold firm too
The Wild Men fall back and regroup
Angus is taking hits from front and flank
Ragnar joins the fight
The centre collapses
The left flank weakens
Turn 6 and the Barbarians are through the wall and in the town
Turn 9 - the defenders are just hanging on
but the enemy are beginning to fire the town
Angus takes another hit, goes berserk and leaves (see house rules)
Sir Edmund and men have reached the end and flee the field

The men of Homlett kept the enemy at bay long enough for the towns folk and peasants to flee South, but now the deserted town is at the mercy of the Wild Men, or migrants (depends on your point of view). What does the future hold for Nearsea?


  1. Hurrah, Airfix figures, Tehnolog giant and the use of the noun 'kine'. What more could one want?

  2. A fun looking game and nice to recognise some Airfix miniatures.

    1. Thanks Peter - the Airfix figures are favourites of mine

  3. Sounds great, lovely minis, and this Angus the Terrible is so impressive!

  4. A fun game,thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Thanks Alan. Hope the weather's not too fierce up there in Tradgardland.

  6. Great game Jack and a very entertaining write up. Looks like you had a load of fun with this one.

  7. Thanks mate - the game is 50% of the fun and story is the other 50%.

  8. Another enjoyable battle report. And of course, any game that uses Airfix is improved, in my opinion. I plan to get rid of the majority of my plastics collection; you games though has me rethinking that decision.

    1. Thanks John. I once disposed of a load of plastic figures (over 30 years ago) and still regret it! I keep meaning to downsize but just can't manage to.

  9. Simple but very effective. Do I spot one or two plastic Valdemar Medieval Army on the March bods on the table?

  10. Thanks Paul. Yes indeed, some of Valdemar's fantastic figures are among the peasantry. More to follow in future posts I hope.

  11. Your battle report is very nice to read, and I love your minis. I share your love for Airfix (though my own "madeleine of Proust" are the Atlantic figures). I think that the men of Omelette :D did well that day !

  12. Ah, les madeleines sont bonnes!
    Thank you for your kind words.
    Atlantic figures look superb - I don't have any sets I'm afraid.