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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Rear Guard (a Portable Wargame)


The US Federal Army in New Wiltshire, commanded by General Wise, is in retreat, hotly pursued by General Gilder of the CSA. To buy time, General Wise leaves a Rear Guard to stall the advancing enemy. The honour of leading the Rear Guard is given to Colonel Silus "I may possibly return" McCarthy, the hapless officer who lost the day at Scrubyville Junction (see previous post).

General Gilder (CSA)

General Wise (US Army)

Game Mechanics

The game is based on Scenario 6 Rear Guard from Scenarios for all Ages (CS Grant & SA Asquith).
The Federal force is outnumbered and in position at the start of the game. The Confederate force enters in random 2 unit parties at random positions on their baseline. 
The CSA objective is to move a minimum of 50% (18 Strength Points) of their advance force across the enemy baseline by the end of Turn 15. The Rear Guard must attempt to stop this happening. Exhaustion Point is set at 50% also.

The Game in Pictures

US Army opening gambit
Col. McCarthy embedded with the artillery at Clarke's Farm
Turn 1 First CSA troops appear
Turn 2 The fight for Hill 1 has already led to casualties
Turn 3 The Sun comes out as more CSA troops arrive
Turn 4 Confederate cavalry attack Hill 1
Turn 5 More Rebels have arrived but they are not moving forward
Turn 6 The fight for Hill 2 begins...
and the fight for Hill 1 intensifies
By Turn 8 the CSA is beginning to move across the battlefield
Turn 10 The first CSA troops have moved beyond the baseline...
..and they control Hill 1
Turn 12 The Rear Guard have reached Exhaustion Point but keep firing
Turn 13 The Confederate's advance is unstoppable 
Turn 14 Union troops fight on but the CSA have achieved their objective

The Union Army of General Wise will now have to turn and fight with their backs to the river Potonale on the Northern border of New Wiltshire in a last attempt to stop General Gilder's march on Washington.


  1. Interesting report once again! I don't know the ruleset used, but your pictures make me wish to paint some zouaves, not good, not good at all, I am afraid I won't be able to finish a single project again this year :)

    1. I'm sure that you would be able to paint Zouaves beautifully Phil.

  2. Nice looking game, lovely minis and walls around the gun, I like that!

  3. Very nice sceanario Jack, looked like a fun and challenging game to play.

  4. Cheers mate. Hope to get another game in this (long) weekend!

  5. That Reb general may be a cowboy at heart but he gets the job done!

    The figures, basing, board, terrain etc all look not only good but very PW in the best sense.

    1. Thanks Ross. PW suits me perfectly being simple but effective and with infinite possibilities for tinkering in all periods! Limited space has also drawn me to a far more basic approach.

  6. Good looking game. What size square grid do you use?

  7. Thanks Peter. 3 inch squares on the board (so 2 foot x 2 foot) and 2 inch square bases for the units - any single figures are on 1 inch squares.

  8. Thanks Michael and Frohe Ostern!

  9. I always like games played on small areas, such as you game. I just might have to get my Airfix ACW figures and copy your game.

    1. Thanks John. The old Airfix figures are so iconic they really should be given an airing whenever possible! I look forward to seeing your game.