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Saturday, 18 August 2018

Portable Wargame Encounters

The following game used a simple set of skirmish rules (Heroic Encounters - see In-House Rules in the side-bar) that are based on Bob Cordery's popular Portable Wargame rules.

Treasure Hunt

A team of Treasure Hunters led by Harry "Hertfordshire" Jones is searching for an artefact of possible power, lost in distant Pesbekistan. They are pitted against a group of local tribesmen who have been recruited by a White Russian Agent-Provocateur, Count Sokolov, who are searching for the same thing for use in counter-revolutionary activities, or something...

The Treasure Hunters

The Count and his followers

The Artefact hidden in the undergrowth

Let the skirmish commence

The tribesmen look for cover

Hertfordshire Jones and his men rush across the open area

A tribesman cries out when he locates the artefact

He immediately comes under fire

The home made HIT DICE features the cunning use of an H on 2 sides of a d6 - clever stuff

Casualties on both sides

Tribesmen attempt to out-flank the Treasure Hunters

Fighting on all sides

50% casualties are reached for the Counts' side

Tribesmen begin to lose the will to fight...

they slip away on both flanks

"This belongs in a museum"

"Curse you Hertfordshire Jones! We'll meet again...grrr"


  1. A beautiful and effective team of Treasure Hunters!

  2. A nice change of trope and genre. These rules are very adaptable. I had been thinking of large scale WW2 games with these, but now you have me thinking that treasure hunts and sci fi are definite possibles.

    Still laughing at 'Hertfordshire' Jones... I can hear the 'Raiders' theme played on out of tune guitar as we speak.

    1. They are adaptable indeed - one of your comments last year has me planning to undertake some brigade level games in the future!

    2. Oooo. I look forward to that.

  3. Another great game jack. Bags of character as ever. Will we be further adventures of Hertfordshire Jones in the offing?

    1. Thanks mate - possibly, unless I get distracted by something... ooh shiny new toy.. what was I saying?

  4. Another simple uncluttered good looking game. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Mark. I prefer simple games that can be set up and run whenever I have a spare hour

  5. A fun game there with a nice mix of figures. I noticed one Airfix cowboy figure.

    1. Thanks Peter - yes a couple of old Airfix, some Esci and some metal figures (20mm) from Irregular and Elhiem