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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Have you Herd?

A few attempts at a little skirmish game were played out in rather poor light, hence it all looks a bit washed-out. The scenario is #41 in Scenarios For All Ages (Grant & Asquith), Herding Livestock. The book calls for cavalry but I stuck to all foot figures. The rules I used were Tidder's Saxon V Viking Rules (which can be found on one of his blogs by clicking HERE); I halved the distances and turned them into grid squares in case you're wondering. The Peasants are bringing a herd into the village for safety as there are some Raiders on the prowl. The Raiders are foraging for BBQ meat.
For turn Initiative (and number of individuals who could move) I used the card system in The Portable Wargame which randomizes things nicely.
Following are pics from the best of the attempts. 

The Herd

The village & Sentry who can raise the alarm if he spots Raiders 

Early casualties

A great (lucky?) shot from the Peasant archer

The initiative cards allow a peasant to get moving with the herd

The alarm is raised - the priest prepares to unleash a devastating Novena

Luck turns in favour of the last Raider who gains control of the herd

but is shot down whilst trying to escape


  1. Great stuff, it's great when the last shot of the game is so decisive. Love seeing the Airfix robin hood minis in action, I reckon they must be one of the most useful sets ever made.

    1. Cheers mate - yes those little chaps are very versatile!

  2. What a blast. Like Sprinks I always like seeing the Robin Hood figures. I'm badgering a friend to sculpt them in 28mm along with the Ancient Britons... Fingers crossed.

    1. What a brilliant idea! Keep pestering your friend. Back in the very early days of Fantasy games some of the Robin Hood figures got used as Elves!

  3. Excellent game that went down to the last shot !
    Feekinf warm and nostalgic once more a seeing the old Airfix figures !

    1. Thanks Joe - I keep coming back to the old Airfix figures! Hopefully more soon..