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Monday 10 April 2023

An Age Undreamed of (Part the Second)


The slaying of a Priest of Mitra, one Sopious, by Stygian Assassins from the priesthood of Set, led to the raising of an army from amongst the loose affiliation of City States that makes up Corinthia. Once again it was that old warrior General Ilossmykies commanding the host that made the long march South. With orders to avenge the Church of Mitra, the Corinthian force aimed to destroy a Stygian Seminary just South of the River Styx' near to the City of Luxur.

Crossing war-torn Koth without incident, the Corinthians entered the rolling grassland of Shem.

Having received urgent dispatches from their spies in Corinthia, the Theocrats of Stygia sent a force into Shem to attack and delay their enemy, commanded by Bishop-General Pheerles.

Ilossmykies and the advance guard were probably half a day ahead of the main bulk of the Corinthian Army, moving as it was at the speed of the baggage train. Arriving at a deserted Manor house, the General determined to await the arrival of the rest of his men. It was at this point that the Stygian force appeared over the horizon. Both sides quickly took positions, cavalry and skirmishing archers leading the infantry. The Stygians had a slight numerical advantage but were mostly light troops. The Corinthians were all heavy types. 

A few scenes from the battle follow. It was a fairly standard affair with both sides bashing away at each other, falling back, advancing again etc (apologies for the blurry pics)

The Stygians, although half being lightly armed and unarmoured, made a good account of themselves pushing the Corinthians to Exhaustion Point (set at 50%) first.

As the Great Beetle maneuvered the Golden Orb of the Sun behind the hills, the two sides withdrew. The Stygians had succeeded in delaying the Corinthian advance, as Ilossmykies now had to patch up his Advance Guard and possibly rethink his strategy while awaiting the rest of the Army, who were approaching judging by the dust cloud to the North.


  1. Nice battle report. ⚔️⚔️
    The terrain board/battlefield looks simple, but effective.
    With regards to the battle I’m surprised the forces of Shem allowed the opposing armies to enter their lands (unless there are “developments” of which we are currently unaware).
    I look forwards to reading more as the campaign continues.

    1. Thanks Geoff.
      I guess I imagine large amounts of these lands as being sparsely populated, and with poor communications I think it would take time for the authorities in Shem to realise what was happening. The main reason of course is that I needed an excuse for Corinthia to be fighting Stygia!

  2. Great stuff 🙂👍🏼👍🏼. Did you use Swords, Sorcery and Squares?

    1. This was basically PW Ancients except Commanders could fight independently like in Swords Sorcery & Squares and EP was 50%.

  3. Great game, with everything you could want from any wargame at a minimal cost.

  4. Looks like fun. I recognize many of the figures you used. Adding an army for Shem would give you a nice potential 3 way campaign, especially with a slight alteration of the map to put Stygia into contact with Corinthia, perhaps a strip of territory as part of a dowry from a royal marriage?

  5. Great ideas Mark!
    Bit of a mix of figures especially the Stygian axillaries - the spearmen on the left flank are from the old Airfix Tarzan set!