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Sunday, 3 September 2023

Red/Blue Mini Campaign Pt 3: Going Off Piste

 For the final Act of the Mini Campaign we diverge, for reasons of narrative, from the prescribed route; the Director's playing fast and loose with the script.

After the defeat at Blueville, the remainder of Army Red's invasion force is retreating towards their pontoon bridge. For purposes of the game, Red must get three of four units across the bridge to succeed. They have two units on the other side of the river who can give supporting fire but cannot cross the bridge. Blue will arrive two units at a time on turns 2, 3 and 4 at predetermined points on the board.

Redinan troops heading for the bridge

Fresh troops offering covering fire

Bluvian forces arriving

All of Blue's units are on the board

Red's Hussars look ready to exit, however they're taking hits from their flank

Red's Hussars act as cover for the Line Infantry who are retreating returning fire.
The Red Guards are embroiled in a fight to the rear. 

The Line Infantry make it but the Hussars are destroyed

As the day wears on Red's second infantry unit makes it to the bridge -
they just need to get the remaining Guards across to win.

Blue's Cavalry have other ideas and Red's Guards are harried as they hurry towards the bridge

Defeat for Redina! 

Despite the withering fire being given from the Redinan side of the Boundary River, the Guards were defeated before they could escape providing a victory for Bluvia. Admitting defeat, Red's engineers blew up the Pontoon Bridge leaving their General a captive of the Bluvians. A highly entertaining Mini Campaign, courtesy of Martin Smith, with a minor trip off piste at the end.


  1. A close run thing ⚔️⚔️ At least that indicates a well balanced campaign (if in doubt, blame the dice). Will you run another horse & musket period campaign, or return to the realms of Swords, Sorcery & Squares?

    1. Cheers Geoff. A bit of painting is called for next - I feel I need to tackle the shameful pile of unpainted figures!

  2. Lovely report, MJT!! Red very nearly made it…looks like an exciting game 👍👍.

    1. Thanks Martin - a fun Mini Campaign with a few tense moments for both sides.

  3. A fitting conclusion to this highly entertaining campaign.

    1. Thanks Joe! I'm glad that you were entertained. I certainly was 👍

  4. A fitting end to an expedition that began so well for red, but the dice have spoken!

    1. Indeed - Red truly plucked defeat from the jaws of victory!