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Sunday 28 April 2024


 More than a year after Count Enarriere saw off the last incursion by a Lord of Chaos (here), another Chaotic army has appeared in the Wastes north of the Thistle Down (also known as the Green Hills).

Sir Philip, Lord of the tiny Manor of Whare, alerted to the approach of the Chaos Army, has mustered his local force and sent a messenger to the Count.

The force of Sir Philip (third from the right) mustered outside of the village of Tressle. The Manorial Lord's guard were all mounted; the foot comprised of peasants from the estate, and such herders and hunters from the surrounding area who could be gathered quickly.

The opposing force was led by a Lord of Chaos, the Moonlit Knight (first mounted figure from the right) accompanied by his Standard featuring Mad Man Moon. Knights of Chaos, both mounted and on foot, were joined by a rabble of Orcs.

 The two armies formed ranks outside of the village, then in eerie silence the Chaotic force began to advance. 

Sir Philip led a group of warriors in a dash across the battlefield, hoping to strike down the Chaos Lord early in the day.

The battle quickly broke up into many small clashes, but the Chaos army was edging closer to the village.

Sir Philip, his warriors dead around him, fought on alone

More of his men attempted to reach their beleaguered Lord 

On the edge of Tressle, luck was turning against the defenders

The last of the defenders fell and the Orcs began to set light to the village

The end of the battle saw Sir Philip's broken force retreating, the burning village of Tressle forming a backdrop to Chaos's victory.


  1. Looks as though the Count will have to hurry if he hopes to contain this incursion before more damage is done.

    1. Fortunately nobody is waiting for me, as it could be some time before boots are on the ground again!

  2. Good to see another game gamed, MJT. Sir Phillip certainly struggled there!

    1. Thanks Martin - bit of a disaster for the forces of Law really, though it does allow the narrative to continue!

  3. I suppose all that death and destruction will appeal to the “dark” nature of the forces of Chaos - but the arson will surely mean there is little loot to be gained.
    I trust Sir Philip can quickly regroup his forces and, hopefully with reinforcements provided by the Count, soon wreak vengeance on the forces of evil.
    As ever, an exciting battle which cries out for a follow-up ⚔️⚔️

    1. Thanks Geoff - the forces of Chaos seem to prefer controlling a wasteland. A follow up is in the planning stages.

  4. I happen to love the look of your Chaos army and admit I was rooting for them - the outcome justifies my allegiance!

    1. Thanks John! Glad you like them - Fantasy armies are fun to paint