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Sunday 7 July 2024


 The final game in my OHW mini campaign, set in the imaginary US state of New Wiltshire, saw General Wise retreating north with the surviving members of his Army. With fresh troops a days' march away, the Union force set up a rather disorganized triple line of defence in order to slow down the approaching Confederates. The CSA General Gilder knew that success could give him a chance to take the strategic town of Scrubyville, County Featherstone, opening the road towards Washington.

To win the scenario, a side needs to exclusively occupy the hill to the North of the river. To give the smaller Union force more of a chance I made the woods impenetrable so only a frontal attack is possible.

Game 5 Triple Line, or Crossing the Papercon

The Confederates approach the bridge across the River Papercon

Fierce fighting for the crossing point delays the CSA

A breakout is finally achieved

Lines are formed. The Rebs hope for the same success as their previous battle

The larger CSA force looks unstoppable as it closes in

The Union troops staunch defence of the hill

The last line of defence

With time running out, a charge with fixed bayonets is ordered

Battle's end and the Federal force has held the Southerners at bay

A disappointed General Gilder pulled his forces back and started planning the next campaign.

Final Campaign Scoreboard: USA 8 CSA 7


  1. Well … that was a close run campaign. Despite their poor initial performances the rebels subsequently seemed to have “turned the tide” and appeared to be on the front foot. Sadly, for the gentlemen in grey it was not to be - the Northerners put up a stout defence and victory theirs.
    I note you said General Gilder is now planning his next campaign. Will that be something you feature on your blog, or will you post about another, different game/campaign?

    1. I was a little unfair I think not allowing the Confederates to move through the woods - that may have changed the complexion of the battle; then again the dice still need to be onside! When the next ACW Campaign begins it will certainly be recorded here Geoff.

  2. A close run thing indeed! A splendid little campaign that came down to the wire. Looking forward to the next mini campaign.

    1. Thanks Mark. I really enjoyed this OHW Mini-Campaign (using PW rules) and I think another one should be fought soon, though with different adversaries.

  3. Great stuff! A “close run thing” it certainly was.
    Looking forward, as always, to wherever your gaming mojo takes you next.
    Nice one, MJT. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼