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Saturday, 7 April 2018

OHW Flanking Duet


In wargaming, unlike in life, it is of course possible to refight one's battles. The first of todays battles was a refight of last weekends' Flank Attack (1) (Scenario 6 of Neil Thomas's One Hour Wargames); the second was, no prizes for guessing, Flank Attack (2) (Scenario 7 of the same book).

Game Mechanics

Infantry and Artillery move 1 square; Cavalry move 2. Infantry range is 2 squares, Artillery is 8. Move and firing is through the sides and not the corner of squares as in The Portable Wargame. Other rules are as prescribed by OHW Chapter 13 Rifle & Sabre rules.
In Game 1, Army Red must have a minimum of 3 units exit via the road. In Game 2, Army Black must finish the game in total possession of the large hill.

Game 1 Flank Attack 1 Redux

Opening position - Red to the North
Cavalry clash as the flank attack begins
Army Red march on towards their exit point
Turn 4 Army Black are winning the Cavalry battle
Artillery and rifle fire begin to take their toll on the forward units
Turn 6 Artillery and rifle fire PLUS Cavalry to flank & Rear
 With only two units left Army Red cannot achieve their objective
Line Infantry make a last stand

Turn 10, the day is lost

Game 2 Flank Attack 2

Army Red hold the large hill in the NW 
An Artillery battle begins as Black advance
Turn 3 Red's Artillery is destroyed
The Cavalry keep one of Black's Infantry units occupied
Turn 5 Army Red's numbers are shrinking under relentless fire
Turn 7 The Guards hold the hill alone
Turn 9 Army Black's last two infantry units are closing in
Turn 10 - Army Black has taken the hill after the Guards fought to the last man

Two victories to Army Black. Artillery range, and Cavalry flank attacks (which get double hits) caused huge damage to Army Red.


  1. Excellent coverage. I particularly admire the infantry holding the hill and the cavalry look superb.
    How do you judge the hit points (15 hits I think) or do you use the markers to degrade the units bu colour - which is a nice idea.

    1. For OHW I keep a tally - as you rightly say, 15 hits per unit. With a flank attack having double effect, a roll of 6 (which happened during the first game) can almost wipe out a unit. The marker colour degradation idea does sound like an aesthetically pleasing one! In these games I'm just using markers to differentiate units.

  2. Those poor red lads, they never stood a chance (sob). Great games jack, a very fun read.

    1. Thanks Mr Sprinks. OHW games are fun for quick (actually less than an hour) fight to the death type games.