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Sunday, 8 April 2018

House OHW Fantasy game


Using my Fantasy variant of Neil Thomas's One Hour Wargame rules (see side bar), the following was a battle between Orcs and Goblins (all Irregular Miniatures 10mm). Goblin "Cavalry" are mounted on Giant Boars, Orc "Cavalry" are mounted, more traditionally, on wolves. The Goblins start with an extra unit as the Orc bonuses are higher. Each round base equals one unit. Grid squares are 1 inch.


Opening positions (Goblins North Orcs South)
Goblin Cavalry rush down their right flank eager to engage the enemy
Impact! The orc line holds, arrows fly from both sides. Orc cavalry counter charge
Morale rules lead to units on both sides leaving the battle
The battle has split into two as casualties mount
Goblins have got round to the Orc rear but infantry respond
Few units remain as the battle descends into separate melees
The final fight will be between the two commanders and their retinues
Victory goes to the Goblin Chief on the last turn of the game!


  1. A tight match! Interesting and intense...

    1. Thanks Phil. It had to be a quick game as Paris-Roubaix is en direct today!

    2. Ah! Sagan etait fort et il a eu de la chance

  2. Great, tight game jack. Its always nice to get that cinematic standoff between the leaders in a fantasy game!.

    1. A fight to the last man is what Fantasy Games are all about!

  3. Looks great fun,what make are the figures?

  4. These are all Irregular Miniatures 10mm. I also have a few 10mm from Pendraken Miniatures which are very nice.