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Monday, 6 May 2019

Looks ok on paper - Update 2: Bank Holiday Special

Bank Holiday Weekend Objectives

1. Get some painting done (that's partly happened)
2. Cut the grass (pending)
3. Play a game or two...

Paper Games

Looking for a quick gaming fix for this afternoon, it's going to be either an old favourite from the vaults
or a new game downloaded this morning from Numbers, Wargames and Arsing about produced extremely artistically by Old Trousers
which is in fact more than just a game, it's a whole Campaign with rules, maps and figures included.
Map and figures printed and stuck on card for robustness (not real game play)
Happy May Bank Holiday reader.

Update to the update

Disaster at Apostrophe Hill!

Bad Schmaltzberg's dastardly invasion of Aix-En-Pains began today when they captured the strategic position of Apostrophe Hill over-looking the main Westward road.
Start of the game: Aix-En-Pains hold the hill with reinforcements on the way
All is lost! Bad Schmaltzberg troops completely over-run their enemy
Short and sharp, this was a fun game. On to the next battle which will be played using the card driven system.


  1. Now this looks very interesting. A Campaign in a day.

  2. Oddly enough my bank holiday to do list was identical to yours, looks like you managed the one part I missed! (Damn you lawn maintenance!!). That looks like a fun little game too, and deffo more preferable to spending hours in zagors bloody maze!!.

    1. The grass didn't get cut until this evening! Still going to venture back into the old Fighting Fantasy games

  3. Hi,

    I'm really glad you enjoyed the game! It looks great.

    I know the counters come out a bit uneven from the posted file so am working on a revised set plus some PNG files of the maps.

    All the best


    1. I did enjoy the game and your campaign setting is very good fun. I'll present the final games when I've finished playing.

  4. I'm lways very jealous of anyone who manages to fit in a game when real-life chores beckon.

  5. Looks so little...and so nice!

    1. Thanks Phil. Yes, Jay has made a really good game.