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Sunday, 26 May 2019

Simplicity in Hexes - the rest of the Mini Campaign


In the last blog entry I mentioned the start of a mini-campaign I was playing using the game created by Old Trousers (not his real name) at Numbers, Wargames and Arsing About.
The rest of the Campaign was fought shortly after but not reported; so here it is.

Game 2

Bad Schmaltzberg has invaded Aix-En-Pains and won a resounding victory at the battle of Apostrophe Hill. The Duke's Army, suitably reinforced, moves on to cross the River Muse but arrives piece-meal. The Marquis's forces also arrive form various points; their objective simply to stop any of the Duke's Army gaining ground North of the River Muse where a bridgehead could be established.

Units from both sides start to appear and fighting quickly begins
The Duke's Army begin to get the upperhand

More troops from both sides enter the battle amid fierce fighting

As the day wears on the Duke's Army is pushed back to the River crossing..

and finally admits defeat.

Game 3

The Duke's Army is now in a fighting retreat and must defend two river crossings from what is believed to be a weak force that is pursuing them. The Marquis, however, has made a surprise manoeuvre which he believes will win him the day.

The Duke's initial position
The Marquis's force moves onto the field

Surprise! Aix-En-Pain's forces are behind their enemy's lines

The Duke's artillery is quickly dealt with by the Marquis's Dragoons

The Marquis may have over stretched his forces....

but by the end of the day, the Duke was forced to concede defeat.

The Duke had lost the Campaign but may have won a little respect from his neighbour. As for the several thousand soldiers who had lost their lives, well there are always more peasants willing to listen to lies and do what they're told...

Portraits stolen from Numbers, Wargames and Arsing about


  1. Excellent!
    'Well I didn't vote for ya!'
    'You don't vote for Dukes!!! ...bloody peasants!'

  2. Looks very nice, tempting to play this kind of wargame again...

    1. It's a good game Phil. I thoroughly enjoyed these games.
      Bon weekend

  3. That looks rather fun, what a nice way to get some quick games in.

    1. Indeed Mr Sprinks! Nice rules and all the pieces to play a game (or three actually)

  4. It's agreat idea and seems to work well and your write-up seems to exude the fun from such a simple set-up.

    1. Thanks Joe! I thoroughly recommend playing this campaign one weekend