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Sunday 31 March 2024


 Having enjoyed a game of my (version 2) fantasy variant for One Hour Wargames on Friday, I gave it another go yesterday with the aim of testing out the Magic Use system. The version 1 rules had included magical creatures but no actual magic use so I have adopted the Magic from Swords, Sorcery & Spells (see Portable Wargame Compendium by Bob Cordery - here).

The game featured an attacking army of Wild Men with their Druid and a defending Dwarf army including their Wizard. The scenario was #3 from OHW, Control the River. The objective for both sides was to be in control of the two crossing points by Turn 15.

Both sides arrive 

Fighting on both bridges

The Dwarf Wizard lobs a fireball across the River

The Dwarves have cleared the West bridge but have left the East crossing poorly protected

The Dwarf attack seems to be gaining momentum in the West, while the East bridge is still held

Magic Users are vulnerable, especially to lucky throws from Infantry Units!

The Dwarves press home their advantage

While the Wild Men run out of options

The Dwarves control both bridges, the Wild Men are down to 1 hit point and call it a day

With the current ranges I allow for spells, it was difficult to manoeuvre  the Magic Users into a position where they could fire off spells without firing into melees (which I don't allow) in this game (though the same could be said for archers I guess). I think I'm going to extend the ranges and give them another go. Magic Users are suitably (in my opinion) vulnerable to attack by all units (they could choose to shield themselves though this costs them spells).
Happy Easter Everyone.


  1. Given that it’s Easter (and chocolate abounds at this time of year) my first thought was “that western bridge looks remarkably like a Kit-K@t. Surely not”. I then realised my mistake, which was confirmed when I spotted the bridge had 5 “fingers” and not the 4 of the confectionary item. 😉😂🤣
    That was a useful test. If Magicians and their ilk can use offensive magical spells will you have the equivalent of HotT “Clerics” who can use “defensive” spells/prayers etc to negate the effects of Magical attack spells? Or will you simplify things by allowing all those with magical powers to use a (variable?) combination of offensive & defensive spells?
    Enjoy your Easter. Cheers,

    1. It does look like a KitKat! I didn't think of that..
      Yes Magic Users can come to the battle armed with a counter spell.

  2. Good game ! Stalwart dwarves managed to nab a win there…but that dice roll was stunning!! Hard to beat THAT sort of luck 🙂

    1. Cheers. Yes it was very unlike my standard rolling!!!

  3. Nice looking "two bridges" game!