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Saturday, 7 July 2018

The Three Brothers (OHW Fantasy battle)


A small but determined Orc band, accompanied by a troll, have been sent to destroy a site sacred to the Dwarves. The site comprises three statues that depict legendary brothers. A spy has tipped off the Dwarves who have sent a more powerful force to intercept and destroy the Orcs. 

The Brothers - pieces from the Thud! game

The game was fought using my Fantasy version of Neil Thomas's One Hour Wargame rules (see side bar). The Troll required two turns to push over (and destroy) a statue during which it could not defend. To win the Orcs must knock down all three statues. Morale rules were suspended for this game as both sides were determined to fight to the end. All figures are 10mm and made by Irregular.


Both sides advance towards the Statues
Orc cavalry charge the Dwarf left flank which holds firm
The Troll tackles the nearest statue
Dwarves get behind the Orc Cavalry and move to stop the Troll
The Orc Cavalry are destroyed by the stalwart Dwarf infantry but the first statue falls.
Carnage on the Dwarf right flank
The second statue tumbles fortunately missing the Dwarves
The Orcs are running out of troops
Two statues are lost - a Pyrrhic victory to the Dwarf general


  1. Nice scenario jack. I love the discworld statues. I feel inspired to refight koom valley!.

  2. Great "little" report! Looks/sounds like fun game. I really like the scenario premise, too. The dwarves could/should set the statues right again - but maybe they'd get harassed by orcs while doing so... Maybe they need some dwarf bread as sustenance/ammunition. :)

  3. Perhaps the next game should be just that..? Those statues look like they're made of Dwarf Bread!!

  4. Fantastic Jack. I love the miniatures - and the shrine looks epic.